Can I Leave My Mandevilla Outside in Winter?

Mandevilla is a subtropical plant, and needs protection from frosty and freezing temperatures.

Mandevilla-story-costa-farmsMandevilla is an exotic, easy-care tropical plant that blooms nonstop all summer long. Typically available in shades of red, pink, and white (and in both vining and mound-shaped forms), it's a surefire bet for summer container gardens and landscape beds. 

But what do you do with your mandevilla in winter? If you're in a cold-winter area that experiences frost or freezing temperatures (below 32F/0C), you will either need to treat it as an annual and let it succumb to the cold, or bring it indoors and overwinter it as a houseplant. Get tips for bringing mandevilla inside for winter. 

If you're in a warm-winter area where temperatures don't drop below freezing, you can keep it outside. Because it likes it warm, your mandevilla may not bloom as profusely as it did in summer, but it should survive.